Aziende Agricole Saccardi Giordano, Luca e Andrea


The Saccardi Farms are located in Rodige and Marcaria in Mantova province.

The 130 ha of the farm are cultivated, in rotation,

  • 15 ha alfa alfa
  • 50 ha for corn cob silage
  • 65 ha of wheat and grass mixing
  • 65 ha of 2nd crop corn

With this crops the farms are self-sufficient for the full feeding of the herds ( except for the protein quota and an additional quota of alfa alfa both of them bought on the local market place).

The farms include

  • 2 milking cows herds
  • 600 production cows
  • 80 dry cows
  • 620 replacement heads

The daily yield is 35 kg 2 milkings 4%fat 3,5 Protein.

In 2016 were used the Sealplus films to cover a total surfac of 1.000 mq.
In 2017 it will be covered a surface of 6.000 mq.

Andrea Saccardi’s interview who takes care of the two herds feeding.

I: How was your experience with the covering of corn silage with SealPlus film?

Andrea: it was excellent. This year we changed the conventional procedure for silomais covering. We replaced the transparent under layer, the PE film and the soil with SealPlus 80µm as underlayer, Silonet 220gr and Silobags and we got excellent results:

  1. The SealPlus film, even if very light and flexible, it is highly resistant and very easy to unroll and place.
  2. The conservation of the corn silage was excellent as well!!! Neither moulds or putrescence, with no additional manpower cost for the removal of the rotten material and no costs for spoiled silage.
  3. We avoided the very heavy job for soil placing and its removal.

We improved the cow’s performances even for the better quality of the corn silage.
For this reason we’ll use the SealPlus oxygen barrier films for all our silage bunkers.