Iran: starts the cooperation between SealPlus Oxygen Barrier Film and Silk Road Persia

Another very importaant results dor SealPlus Oxygen Barrier Film, this time in Iran. The past week has started aa very important cooperation with Silk Road Persia, . SRP is one of the most brilliant and interesting distribution company that operates in dairy cows sector. Among the different brands, a particular attention to Faresin, Doda, Rota Biogas and now SealPlus Oxygen Barrier Film as well.

Mr Siavash Sehati, a perfect gentleman, speaks Italian language perfectly, loves Italy and prefer to promote Italian high dairy technology products. Next schedule with SRP will be for the next edition of dairy exhibition in Mashhad, in the north east of the country, where you can find one of the most antique and important mosque for the Islamic world and, one of the most important dairy cooperative of the country. See you then. In the picture from left: Mr Siavash Sehati, Mr Ali Rezai of Rezai farm, and Stefano Degliesposti. Rezi fram is one of the largets farm in Iran with 5000 milking cows and 40 kg/day 3 times milking and below 200.000 somatic cell counts!!!! The next target for the farm is 6000 cows in milk and 46 kg/day. Glad that SealPlus Oxygen Barrier Film will be involved in this important goal achievement!!